Friday, January 6, 2012

Ordering Lesson in NSE_Paathshaala

From Evernote:

Ordering Lesson in NSE_Paathshaala

0)Available Order Types for Buy / Sell.
1) Limit
2) Market
3) SL-L (Stop Loss - Limit)
4) SL-M (Stop Loss - Market)


Limit order
 Trigger Price will not be enabled

Rejected because order is placed in  Market closed time,

2Market Order:
Market Order can place only at Market hours. Otherwise the price, trigger price is not enabled

3.1SL-L (Stop Loss Limit Order) - Buy
3.2SL-L (Stop Loss Limit Order) - Sell
4.1SL.M (Stop Loss Market Order) - Buy
4.2SL-M (Stop Loss Market Order) - Sell

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